Friday, January 29, 2010

Psalm 72

1 A Song for Peace. Teach our leader Your way of making decisions by Your law, O heavenly Judge, and show Your right way of doing things to his Son. 2 He will defend the rights of Your people properly and will give appropriate help to those who need it. 3 The larger families are included in this covenant of peace as well as the smaller families, for that is the right way to do it. 4 He will defend those who willingly submit to Him and will be generous to and take care of their children, but He will smite those who in their pride extort and defraud others. 5 Your family will respect You and tremble with joy as they see Your face for as long as the sun and moon are around. 6 You will descend on them as showers saturate the earth when it rains. 7 In Your Son’s reign those who choose to agree with Him will become more like Him, continuing to mature as long as they live. 8 - 9 Since His dominion will encompass the whole world, even country people will bow before Him. Those who hate Him will also bow, but only grudgingly. 10 -11 The leaders from all the urban areas, as well as rural, will appropriately submit tributes. Yes, eventually everyone will bow in worship to Him. 12 He will preserve those who sincerely worship Him and yet suffer – when they ask for His help – and particularly those with no other support. 13 – 14 He will come along side those who are weak, powerless and oppressed, and with His merciful passion He will preserve them, give them victorious relief and take them out of oppression and abuse, for He considers them as very precious to Him. 15 He shall prosperously reign, as was promised Him with an oath, and everyone will eventually joyfully submit to Him all the time. 16 There will be abundance – even to the tops of the mountains. The firstfruits will be so much that they will wave like fields of golden grain in the wind. Those living together will be flourish – as living green grass on the earth. 17 As long as the sun shines, more and more good about His reputation and character will continue to be revealed and everyone will consider His ways good and right. 18 – 19 Celebrate by focusing on who God – the Existing One, the Mighty Judge of overcomers – really is and think and talk about the marvelous works He has done. Focus particularly on how majestic His is and how awesome and famous He is all the time. Let everyone be completely consecrated and loyal to Him. So be it, Amen. 20 [This is the last Prayer psalm that David, son of Jesse wrote that is on record.]

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Psalm 71

1 Lord, I choose to trust in You completely, so please don’t disappoint me. 2 – 3 Because of how right and just You are, rescue me and slip me away to safety. Get me so close to You that I know You hear me. Protect me so strongly and solidly that our intimate fellowship continues.

Your plans are to make me victorious since You are my refuge and defense. 4 Bring me into a secure place, O Mighty God, away from the violence of those who are hostile to You and out from under the authority of unjust, bitter and oppressive people.

5 God, I reverently expect You to do what is best for me, like a child trusting a loving parent. 6 Actually You ‘birthed’ me and supported me from the time I was born, so I will sing praise to You and continually thank You. 7 – 8 Many are awed by the obvious miracles in my life and since You are my glorious, all-powerful Source of protection and shelter I overflow with songs and words to loudly declare Your excellence all the time. 9 Don’t throw me away when I get old or desert me when I’m exhausted and my strength is gone.

10 – 11 Those who oppose me consult how to ‘take me down’ and are just waiting for what they think is the right time. They tell each other ‘ God has deserted him so chase and capture him for no one is around to rescue him’. 12 My Mighty God, stay close to me and act quickly in my behalf. 13 Let those be silenced with terror and enveloped in such shame and disgrace that they totally waste away who opposed me and planned to destroy me.

14 – 16 But as for me, God, I choose to keep trusting You, singing about You and telling others of Your right ways. I don’t know how much longer I’ll live but as long as You keep me alive, I will live close to You and remind others how right Your ways are. 17 God, You disciplined and mentored me from when I was a child so I am celebrating in praise your extraordinary and marvelous works. 18 Now that I am older, God, don’t leave me until I have celebrated with praise Your mighty power to those now living as well as to generations to come.

19 – 20 You are completely true, God, and have magnificently accomplished significant things. There is no one like You – who has shown me so many evil and distressful situations – to revive, restore and raise me up again from being so intensely ‘low’. 21 You will use me to reveal how magnificent and majestic You really are as You surround me with Your compassionate help.

22 I will sing, accompanied by a guitar, about Your integrity and truth for You are my Mighty God and the Majestic Judge who prevails. 23 – 24 I will shout out loud for JOY and rejoice in my heart as well as quietly tell others how You have set me free. Those who obnoxiously planned to hurt me (because they were out of control with anger) are astonished, disappointed and dishonored.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Psalm 70

1 Written by David for the permanent collection to preserve as a reminder.
Mighty God, quickly accelerate Your activities to rescue me from danger. 2 Let those become disgraced and pale with terror who try to snuff out my life. Let the result of those who delight to hurt me be confusion, exhaustion and complete shame. 3 As a consequence of their mocking and gloating over me, turn them away.

4 But let those who strive to ‘see your face’, God, experience real joy in Your presence. Let those who intensely long to be with You say all the time “Our God is Awesome and Mighty”.

5 As for me, God, I meekly, humbly request Your help. Act quickly and don’t delay to rescue me to safety.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Psalm 69

1 For the permanent music collection, (with instrumental accompaniment) written by David.

Set me free, O God, for I have been violently abused. 2 It’s like I’ve been plunged deep into a flood of overwhelming urine, with no place in the slippery mire even to put my feet. 3 My throat feels scorched and my eyes are worn out from crying, even as I’m still hoping and trusting in God, who is my Divine Judge. 4 Those who intensely hate me for no good reason (but are my enemies because they believe lies about me) are increasingly numerous – far more than the hairs on my head – and are determined to silence and destroy me. I even ‘returned’ things I didn’t ‘rob’ from others in the first place. 5 God, You are experiencing all of this with me, yet You don’t disown me even while I am being accused and treated as guilty.

6 Don’t let those who bind themselves tight to You in covenant relationship and truly strive to understand who You really are get disgraced, Great and Mighty Creator God, because of what has happened to me. 7 To reveal what You’re really like I’ve endured heaps of contempt and scorn. 8 – 9 My kinsfolk estranged me from them, my mother’s family considered me as illegitimate, and those who despise You heaped ridicule and scorn on me because my passionate loyalty to You fully controlled me.10 – 11 When I wept and fasted, I was scorned and despised. When I wore sackcloth, that too was misinterpreted. 12 Those who sat around gossiping complained about me and I was even taunted by the drunkards.

13 But as for me, Creator God, I sing to You, appropriately about my own personal experience. My Supreme Judge, because of how much You love me, sing joyfully to me of Your victorious faithfulness. 14 – 15 Pull me out of the mess I’m in (which is like sticky mire) and don’t let me get so stuck in the ‘slime’ that it engulfs me. Snatch me away from those who hate me (like pulling me out as from that overwhelming flood of urine) and don’t let me be swept away. 16 – 17 Surround me with Your singing, O God, because You eagerly desire to favor me and treat me excellently. Don’t hide, but rather turn Your face to look at me and express Your tender, loving affection in song as soon as possible, for I am in distress and being treated with deep hostility. 18 Come protectively near me and set me free because of those who hate me. 19 You intimately know all the scorn and contempt aimed at me. You felt the shame when I was stripped naked. You were pained by every disgraceful insult hurled at me. You personally experienced every act of abuse those oppressive, jealous rivals heaped on me.

20 Shameful scorn and contempt violently tore at my heart, sickening me. I hoped for at least one comforter, (someone who would unite with me) but no one had compassion or even tried to console me – not one! 21 – 22 Instead they offered me bitter poison as food and sour vinegar to quench my thirst. Let their table (the table of shewbread was the covenant symbol of Your nourishing care) become so ‘thin’ (empty) that they fall away (destroyed by refusing care) from You. 23 Let such darkness surround them (the candlestick represented their covenant relation with You to enlighten them) that they can no longer experience real joy at seeing Your face, resulting in their strength continuing to totter and deteriorate. 24 – 26 Pour out your love power on them with full intensity. But they will become so horrified, appalled and stunned that they will recede and back so far away that not one will remain in their family because They harassed and persecuted the One You smote, and caused mental grief by their gossip against the One You wounded (for their sakes). 27 – 28 Permit this guilt to be added to their present great guilt, which is already preventing them from personally knowing You. (Yes), even let their names be dropped from the registry of those who are honest with You.

29 – 31 Let me – humble yet grieving – be victoriously delivered and highly exalted by You, God. I will delightfully celebrate with song who You really are and what You are really like, thus powerfully revealing Your true character. That will give You more JOY than the most costly animal sacrifice given by leaders. 32 – 33 Those who meekly prefer to bear injuries rather than retaliate (to the one who hurt them) will experience JOY by seeing Your face, God. Those of you who persistently search to know the True and Mighty God will be restored, preserved and will mature. The Lord deeply cares for those of you who, realizing you can’t ‘make it’ without His help, have bound yourself to Him (in a binding, life covenant).

34 – 36 Let the whole universe join with everything and everyone on earth in singing to, boasting about and celebrating the True God. (Why?) He sets free those who choose to belong to Him. He rebuilds, restores and protects those families who choose His will for them and gives them a secure, quiet place to live. Those who delight in Him, identify with Him and have developed an intimate relationship with Him will live.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Psalm 68

1 Written by David for the permanent song collection. Go forth, Almighty Father; and as You do, those who hate You will scatter and get dashed to pieces even as they hastily try to hide from Your face. 2 As wind scatters smoke, they disappear; and as wax melts away when it gets hot, those who hate You perish as they see who You really are.

3 But let those who honestly choose Your will for them triumphantly leap with joy as at a most pleasurable, joyful banquet, as they view Your face. 4 Worshipfully celebrate - with songs, music and even dancing – the Creator God who ‘carried’ you through difficult times. Even use His most sacred name, JEHOVAH, with rejoicing as He smiles at you.

5 God is a loving father to the lonely and fatherless; He defends the forsaken and widowed even though He ‘lives’ in heaven. 6 God puts these dear ones into families; and also frees those bound with debt. But those who stubbornly resist His love slide down into dry depression and hopeless despair.

7 - 8 God, You revealed Yourself to Your family when You walked gently and slowly with them through dreary and solitary places. (music pause) The earth terrifyingly quaked and the billowing, turbulent clouds ‘flowed down’ to cover Your face as You descended on Mt. Sinai where You talked to them and revealed to them that You were indeed their Saviour and Leader. 9 Later, You sent bountiful rain to reconfirm Your authority when Your family got discouraged. 10 Your family lived where You established them, God, and You shared even more of Your joyful goodness with those who needed more of it. 11 - 12 The Lord taught the song and many people learned it for a multitude of women joyfully shared with God’s family the good news that the opposition leadership had been cast out and fled. 13 You who have rested in God’s love are protected by Him – like being ‘under’ His covering ‘wings’.

14 When the Almighty scattered opposition it was ‘cool’ - as snow on a shady hill. 15 But is scattering opposition how God is best worshiped? Or is God best worshiped in luxury and prosperity? 16 Why be envious of those kinds of ‘high’ experiences? God does have a ‘place’ where He really desires to ‘dwell’.

17 – 18 Twenty thousand thousands of angelic messengers escorted the Excellent One at Sinai. God, You were highly exalted because You had ‘taken captive’ the captives for Yourself and had brought gifts for all of them – even for the stubborn ones – so You might live with them. 19 Reverently celebrate the Mighty Deliverer every day for carrying us victoriously to healthy freedom. (music pause)

20 Our Mighty One, our Supreme God, saves. Our loving Lord delivers even from disease and death. 21 But this same strong God irritatingly agitates those who hate Him, and those who persist in doing wrong get a defensive attitude against Him.

22 – 24 God said, I will restore your fruitfulness, even from deeply ‘stormy’, turbulent situations, so you will march right on in life, irregardless of those who hate you or put you down, because you have learned and experienced God’s love ways in His sanctuary. 25 Those who celebrate with singing go first, followed by those playing instruments, accompanied by young women keeping rhythm with timbrels. 26 – 28 Let everyone: young and old, children, youth, leaders, adults, (no one left out), adore God – Your Mighty Hero who gives you strength – from the very first part of worship time together. Continue, O Strong, Mighty Hero, what You have already covenanted to do for us. 29 And because Your temple (where You live) is a place of peace, leaders will bring gifts of homage to You there.

30 Keep correcting the lively young people in Your family as well as the leaders and developing leaders until they humbly submit both themselves and their means; but scatter those who only delight to fight. 31 Great people shall be set free from captivity and even those from cursed circumstances will run to worship You, God. 32 – 33 Let everyone celebrate with songs, accompanied with instruments, the Mighty God (music pause) Who was here from the beginning and Who speaks with full power.

34 Describe God’s real character – including His majesty and excellence – in dealing with His family, as well as with everyone else. 35 O God, You cause us to tremble with joyful awe as You reveal Yourself. You prevail and give us, Your family, Your character and life. Praise God.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Psalm 67

1 A poetic song for both choir and stringed instruments to add to the permanent collection. God treat us as we don't deserve by causing us to experience that You deeply love us to be with You by Your speaking good to us and smiling at us. (pause).

2 Others who don’t yet know You will find out what You are really like by seeing how You treat us and how You are so intimately involved in delivering and saving us.

3 Let my family, friends and associates tell what God has done and what He is really like as they celebrate and honor You, God. 4 Let entire communities and other groups of people excitedly rejoice, even with joyful singing, for You – God – will justly vindicate Yourself as You govern everyone on earth. Pause.

5 Let my family, friends and associates tell what God has done and what He is really like as they celebrate and honor You, God.

6 – 7 Then the earth will yield its increase and God will enable us to prosper. Every part of the world will be inspired – by God’s way of treating us so good – to respect and be in awe of Him.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Psalm 66

1 A poem song for the permanent collection. Let everyone express joy to God. 2 Use musical instruments (like pianos or guitars) to accompany songs honoring and glorifying Him. 3 Tell God, “Your intensely wonderful ways cause me to tremble with joy!” How You so abundantly and clearly reveal Your great love will eventually cause even those who hate You to admit You as supreme and even act as though they love You and are loyal to You. 4 Everyone on earth will eventually bow to honor You and sing Your Name. (pause) 5 Come, look at God’s extravagant actions toward His earth family, which are so intensely admirable as to inspire you to tremble with joyful awe. 6 He made part of the Red sea into dry land and later Israel walked through the flooding Jordan river without getting their feet wet, causing them again to leap for joy in God. 7 God is always ‘in charge’ because of His victorious fortitude. He accurately observes all the nations of the earth, so don’t let those who stubbornly resist Him exalt themselves. (pause) 8 – 9 Let all of God’s family joyfully celebrate our True God who sustains and prospers us and prevents us from wandering away from Him. 10 – 11 God, You have refined us (as silver is refined by heat) by carrying us through intense experiences, even putting pressure on us through our relationships with others. 12 People have attacked our identity, causing pain (like fiery hell) and humiliation (like someone ‘pissing’ on us), yet through these experiences you have matured us and satisfied us abundantly. 13 –14 I will come into Your house now and willingly cooperate with You in Your covenant of peace with me even though I originally made my promises of loyalty to You because I was in big trouble. 15 I will bring of the best I have, which I have promised You, and will consecrate it to You. (pause) 16 – 17 You who reverently submit to God, listen to what God has done for me when I focused on and exalted Him. 18 – 19 If I believe lies about God He can’t always get through to me, but He still listens and works to answer my heart cries. 20 God is so good that He has not stopped loving me even though I don’t deserve His love.